The Vancouver Blogger Nerd Fight

I was reminded by Vancouver blogger Ariane that there’s this ongoing nerd fight to own the number one spot for the Google search for “Vancouver blogger” at the start of Northern Voice.

Ariane’s throwing her support behind Vancouver blogger (et al) Boris, and other Vancouver bloggers are in the race. Who should I vote for?

I’m picking Richard as my Vancouver blogger of choice. I have no idea, but I feel like Richard’s–that Vancouver blogger–has been blogging in Vancouver longer than anybody. Plus, he’s a Vancouver blogger who has apparently expressed no interest in winning this silly, geeky wankfest.


  1. By simply casting my vote for Duane, I ended up “in it” as well (page 1!).

    But Darren, once your post get’s indexed…well sir, you may atop the wankfest yourself without even trying.

  2. Oh and I’m all for people who *actually* blog about Vancouver and Vancouver things to top the ranks for “Vancouver Blogger”.

  3. Hah, I don’t even know how Boris is staying so high in the rankings, other than the Drupal magic, I seem to be the only one backing him!

  4. I have at least two months lead on Mr. E. on blogging in Vancouver (I started in October 2000). But I am not participating in this thing either.

    At least, er, not until I left this comment.

  5. Personally, I don’t count John Chow as a “blogger” per se since he doesn’t write any hyper-personal content, just business spew about making money (filthy). Sure he uses a blog to publish content which is transmitted via RSS but i wouldn’t call it a blog since there is little craft or art or intent included.

    For the record, i am not really a blogger either ~ i am marketing communications pro who uses a blog in my toolbox, and also a creative writer and podcaster who uses blogs as distribution tool, but not really as a personal expression tool (which i consider the core attribute of a blog).

    This concludes this disingenuous commentary or hairsplitting and confusing lexicon.

  6. Wouldn’t Tanya (aka qualify as one of the Vancouver bloggers who has actually blogged for more than 10 years?

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