My First Pixish Assignment

A few weeks ago, Derek Powazek (formerly of the excellent JPG magazine) launched Pixish. From Emily Chang’s description:

Pixish is a new site where you can create image contests. Artists will find assignments from people who need visual art for all kinds of projects. Each Assignment will have different requirements and rewards. If one inspires you, you can submit. The Pixish community can then vote up the best submissions. In the end, the Publisher who started the Assignment will choose a winner and give out any listed rewards.

It sounded like a fun idea, so I posted an assignment. Here’s the gist:

I’m looking for source art. It’ll be used in creating a new blog header, and as inspiration for the site’s new colour scheme and other design elements. I’ve got a web designer who will build a template based on your work. You don’t have to meet exactly parameters in terms of pixel size.

I’d like the image to integrate two elements:

You can combine these two elements as you see fit.

As a ‘reward’, I’m offering:

I’ll pay CAN $200 (US $198.63) and include a permanent link to your portfolio on my About page. I’ve referred work on several occasions based on queries about my current site’s design.

Some have been critical of Pixish as a hotbed for spec work. I really don’t have an opinion on this subject. Or, at least, I don’t feel strongly enough not to give it a try. There’s some thoughtful discussion about it on MetaFilter. What do you think?


  1. Um, not all of the images in that search are of you. In fact, some of them are of your nearly naked actors in Bolloxed. Mind you…that *could* make for a more interesting blog header 😉

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