We Have Procured An Apartment

ExteriorAbout two weeks ago, I was anticipating a painful, tedious search for an apartment in Victoria, BC. In particular, I wasn’t looking forward to trying to rent a place from abroad. We didn’t mind doing it–we rented places in Malta and Morocco sight unseen–but we feared that landlords wouldn’t be down with that.

Thankfully, after only a couple of weeks, we’ve secured a furnished, two bedroom suite in a heritage house in Fairfield. I was somewhat worried about living in a small building, but the owner assured me that every is quiet and pretty much keeps to themselves. The place has a big office upstairs, and a large south-facing deck.

We had to lobby pretty hard to get the place, but I think my aunt sealed the deal. She did an inspection in our place, and talked us up to the owner. We’re taking her out for dinner when we get to Victoria.

And though I bemoaned Craigslist for its crappy interface, that’s where we found this place. So, Darren 0, Craigslist 1.

I put a few photos that the owner took up on Flickr.


  1. That apartment is gorgeous but I cannot imagine what you’re paying for a place like that in the Fairfield neighbourhood of Victoria. Nonetheless, congratulations – that’s really exciting!

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