Name These Fruits (or Vegetables)

Feeling adventurous, Julie bought these at the vegetable souk today. We have no idea what they are. Do you (click for bigger legume action)?

Name This Fruit or Vegetable

I’ve included the iPod for scale.

UPDATE: Julie provides these additional notes: they have a hard, thick skin and a beet-red juice.

UPDATE #2: I stand corrected. Julie assured me that they weren’t prickly or ‘cactus pears’, but she cut one open and tasted it. Indeed, they’re very small cactus pears with very intensely-coloured juice.


  1. Marina: That’s what Julie originally thought they were, but she assures me that they’re not.

    Jill: Are you thinking of ‘prickly pears’? If so, they’re different than the prickly pears I’ve seen (these are much smaller, and don’t have any needles).

  2. Well, colour, shape and size suggest they’re figs. I don’t know about the wart-like things on their skins though …
    Have you tried them? If they’re ripe, they should have a soft, slightly leathery feel on the outside, and should taste sweet (no need to peel them, usually).

  3. Double: I don’t think these are cactus pears. We had them in Malta. Not only are they the wrong colour, but they’re much smaller than the cactus pears I’m familiar with. They’re about the size of apricots.

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