A Big Box o’ Cuteness

I interrupt your Wednesday with this insane cuteness. Yes, that’s a big box of kittens (super-size the cuteness)

Box o' Kittens

Taken near our house in Essaouira. There’s another photo here, and a little more context for where the kittens live.

There are cats everywhere in Essaouira. I see at least a dozen every time I walk 100 yards from our riad. Moroccans seem to love them much more than dogs. We can probably chalk this up to their cherished role in Islam.


  1. Tod: By local standards, these cats have it good. They’ve got a place to sleep, and they’re being fed. That’s more than I can say for a lot of the local cats (though they seem to be in decent health and they’re rarely scrawny).

    I think many of the cats here are semi-feral, or have a far less, uh, formal structure with their owners.

  2. As someone who has rescued and adopted a couple o’ sibling kittens, I know that that is not a big box o’ cuteness, that is a big box o’ MAYHEM!

  3. Dog saliva is haraam (forbidden) in Islam.

    Learned this and other little tidbits about everyday Muslim life from Mrs. K who lived in Indonesia for a few months recently.

    (IMHO, the fact that Momma Cat found a good sized cardbord box to live in with her kittens is not “a shitty way to treat animals”.)

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