Seeking Tech-Oriented Non-Profits For Expo at Northern Voice

As we’re in Morocco, Julie and I are taking a back seat on organization for Northern Voice this year. I’m helping out where I can remotely, and one of the things I’m doing is organizing a new feature of the conference for 2008. This time around we’re adding a little tech non-profits expo

The plan is to provide about a half-dozen tables on the Saturday where tech-oriented organizations can set up a booth and talk to attendees. We’d ask organizations to agree to run their booths from 9:30am to 1:30pm, though they’re welcome to stay longer.

We’re specifically looking for technology-oriented non-profits. Good examples would be NetSquared,, Free Geek Vancouver and Web of Change.

It will be free for the organizations, and they’ll get a chance to engage with 300-350 social media and blogging types.

I’ve sent out some invitations, and we’ve already got a couple of organizations signed up, but I wanted to put the call out for other suggestions. Do you know an organization that fits the bill?

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