Client Plug: Complete Our Web Design Survey, Win an iPod Nano

Over at my day job, we’re running a little web design and development survey for Nitobi. I know some designer and developer types read my blog, so I’m hoping a few of you will take five minutes to complete the survey. It’s only 14 questions, and most of them are multiple choice.

As an enticement, we’re giving away an iPod Nano to one luck participant.


  1. the fourth question “Which development tools do you use (select all that apply)?” doesn’t permit you to select more then one answer…


  2. Heya;

    The “If so, why did you choose Ajax (select all that apply)?” question doesn’t allow more than one choice at the moment. I noted it in my reply to the question as well.

    FF 2 on Win Vista Home Premium, if it helps. 😉

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