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Mimi emailed to let me know that my peculiar fandom project was featured on the CBC’s culture show Q yesterday. I had pitched the Q’s webby correspondent Mio Adilman on the story, as it seemed like the right thing for his Download Down-Lo segment. And apparently it was.

If you’re interested in listening, here’s the four-minute piece (in which Mio needlessly mocks Vancouverites):


One aspect of that I was interested in was what the ratio of visitors to letters would be. I thought it would be low, but it’s shockingly minute. Since it launched in early November, the site’s had about 55,000 visitors, and has about 20 letters that I didn’t directly solicit.

That’s one letter for nearly 3000 visitors. Of course, the ‘friction’ to create a letter is quite high–it’s not like leaving a comment on a blog or something. Still, an interesting result. I wonder what the visitor-to-creator ratio is on YouTube or Flickr?

I must do that draw for the iPod Shuffle, too.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog here when someone threw the Getafirstlife site at me for a laugh. I’m very impressed with your Dear Rockers idea. I hope it can raise some proverbial questions about the music industry and where intellectual property rights are going. Kudos!

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