Rangers: The Best Restaurant, Bar (and Pizza) on Gozo

As I’ve mentioned, during our nine-month stay in Gharb, we ate at Rangers at least once a week. Named after the local football club (not quite as accomplished as their Scottish namesake), it’s a little bar/restaurant run just off the main square.

Tony handles the bar and takes orders out front, and his wife Carmen cooks the meals in the back. I tried most of the menu, but I eventually narrowed my preference down to Carmen’s excellent funghi pizza. All the pizzas are excellent–thin crusts, the ideal ratio of toppings to sauce to cheese, and just the right size to fill you up (those stacked North American pizzas look ridiculous by comparison).

We can’t recommend Rangers enough. It’s run by great people, and is an ideal spot for casual dining when you don’t feel like cooking at home (or at your holiday home, as the case may be). They also have a kick-ass rooftop patio, with a great view of Ta Pinu. It’s lovely to sit up there, have a drink and watch the bats dip and dive as the sun goes down.

This is the first in a short series of blog posts in praise of some businesses we used and enjoyed on Gozo. These don’t currently have much of an online presence, so I wanted give them some online, uh, props.

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