Top Ten Top Ten Lists I Will Not Make

Everybody likes to make year-end lists. Here, for example, is a big schwack of lists organized by category. I was trying to think of a good topic for a top ten list, and this is the best I could come up with:

  1. Top ten Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals cited in my Twitter feed.
  2. Top ten titles for Mother Spears’s disappointingly-on-hold parenting book.
  3. Top ten photographs of my navel lint.
  4. Top ten matching outfits belonging to Argot, my level 48 Undead Priest in World of Warcraft.
  5. Top ten dodgy, kooky and illegal products I declined to market this year.
  6. Top ten Mediterranean beasts that bit or stung me over the past eight months.
  7. Top ten books I intended to read in Malta, but am now hauling to Morocco.
  8. Top ten books I didn’t write because I’m, you know, lazy.
  9. Top ten 2008 technology predictions, because I’m crap at them and everybody else does them anyway.
  10. Top ten top ten lists of top ten lists. Is that yak shaving or turtles all the way down?

For an actual list, I’ve been bookmarking all the movies that I missed this year.


  1. Because I love Darren, I will finish these lists for him. But because I am lazy, I will do only the 7th item from each list:

    7. Starlight Express
    7. Third Time Lucky?
    7. (tie) “the one with the grey lint” and “the other one with the grey lint”
    7. Shadow’s Embrace
    7. Emissions offset credits
    7. unidentified jellyfish
    7. Saramago’s “Blindness”
    7. a coffee-table book on man capris
    7. the iPhone will be available in Canada late 2008
    (despite the name, it’s really only 7th).

  2. Into the Wild left me shaken, stirred and sleepless for a few nights – really hit close to home after being an angst-sy adventure-seeking, poetry-reading youth hitchhiking america in 1992. Glad i set my sights on spending time with people in foreign lands instead of a quest for solitude and wildeness.

    I’d followed the story when it happened and read Krakauer’s book but was totally blown away by the aesthetic, pacing and narrative devices of the movie.

    McCandless’ books (Zhivago, War and Peace, Walden, …) were critical to the emotional tenor and philosophical underpinnings of his struggle and was nice to see the literary influcence wasn’t overlooked or cheesed out.

  3. I saw both Lars and the Real Girl and the Golden Compass this holiday season. Lars is worth a shot because of Ryan Gosling. He’s excellent as usual. I was disappointed with the golden compass. The pace was much too fast and left out crucial parts of the book. They say that films are never as good as the book, but this one was particularly bad.

    Not sure if you saw Juno but it’s the best film I’ve seen this year.

  4. Lucky for you many of the films on your to see list are now (or will soon be) available on DVD while others, like TWBB are slow in coming. Luckily, most of the films on your list are also excellent selections. You have some fine film viewing on the horizon!

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