Bret “The Hitman” Hart Wrote a Tell-All Book

I know nothing about professional wrestling. I’ve never watched it. Like skateboarding or, I don’t know, BMXs, it failed to get its claws into me as a pre-teen.

And I’ve always been a little awed by the fervor of the fans, children and adults alike. They’re watching theatre, after all, and it’s all so gladiatorial. One of my profs (the eminent and talented Allan Stichbury) told me that if I wanted to learn how to direct theatre-in-the-round, I should watch professional wrestling.

Frequently, when we visit our local haunt for pizza, we’ll find the proprietor’s elder, gnomish father leaning back in a chair, watching WWE on the restaurant television. He barely speaks a word of English, but doesn’t need to. He just loves to see those glossy guys dive on each other off the turnbuckle.

That’s a long introduction to this CBC interview (MP3) I recently listened to with Bret “The Hitman” Hart. I guess he’s written a tell-all book. In the interview, he discusses a bunch of stuff I’ve always wondered about: just how fake is the ‘sport’? Is the blood real? Are all wrestlers on steroids?

I’m no more interested in wrestling than I was before hearing the interview, but I’m a little more informed.

On a related note, I submitted the CBC interview to Digg (there’s not enough, uh, sports content on that site). In less than 45 minutes, my Digg post was in Google’s index. I knew Google was fast, but I didn’t know you could measure the time-to-index in minutes instead of hours. Of course, I’m sure Digg gets plenty of attention from the Burning Eye of Google.


  1. I’ve had posts on my blog appear in the Google index in less than ten minutes. A couple of weeks ago I was writing one, published it, and then went to do some further research to update it (I often find myself doing that). By the time I searched for the topic, my post was near the top of the results list already. I was surprised.

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