More on Building the Canada Line

I may seem a little Canada Line-obsessed at the moment, but I thought this video was too cool to pass up. My friend Eric works on the Canada Line project, and writes:

My co-worker Colin is a film maker, and a good one at that. He has two movies that have been accepted into the Sundance film festival coming up in January. As a Christmas gift, he put together a couple of shots of our work-site for the Costa Ricans to show their families the project and the city.

And here it is. I especially like the stop-motion bits:

That made me pine for home a little.

UPDATE: Link to video is now fixed.


  1. I like the shamelessly gratuitous single shot of a girl in a bikini walking down the street. They should, however, replace it with a time-lapse of “Going Out Of Business” signs going up on Cambie Street businesses…

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