How Do We Feel About Bangs?

Lesley Feist, Indie Rock Chick and Obvious Advocate of BangsContinuing on trivial topics, and inspired by this R-rated rant about bangs, it’s time for a poll. Two polls, actually. Please, you know, only vote in the appropriate gender box.

For those of you reading this in RSS, you’re going to have to visit the post to experience the poll magic in full effect:

And, to be clear, we’re talking about ‘bangs on women’ (keep your off-colour jokes to yourselves–no, hang on, email them to me), in both cases.

UPDATE: I was complaining to Gillian–my source for new music, and she sent me the bangs link–about how every indie rock chick seems to have bangs.

Leslie Feist: Bangs.
Jenny Lewis: Bangs
Tegan and Sara: Bangs. Bangs.

I’m not a big fan of bangs. Particularly the kind of bluntly cut, straight across ones. Clearly, though, I’m in a minority.

Speaking of Feist, does anybody else think that she’s the Chrissie Hynde of her generation? Distinctive voice, great songwriter, bangs?


  1. I think, for a woman, it also depends on how bangs look on her. I personally look better without them, so I prefer hairstyles without them.

    Right now I have “faux bangs” which are little bits of hair that I can brush into bangs if I’m so inclined. I have a version of the first Katie Holmes bob, and I love it.

    Okay, enough about my hair now.

  2. Agreed, it’s about how one looks with and without them. I’ve only ever NOT had bangs for a few months in my early 20’s and I hated every moment – I felt naked. The only reason I had to pull them back was because the hairdresser cut them too short.

  3. It’s pretty common to agonize over bangs.
    I can stew about wanting them for years, then make the cut, and then spend another year trying desperately to get rid of them again.

    The grass is *not* greener on the other side of the bangs. 😉

  4. I have to disagree with your Chrissie Hynde comparison. Chrissie is really, really tough. Feist would have to be a lot tougher to wear her crown. SHe seems a little too soft for that title.

  5. What I’ve learned is that the word “bangs” has lost all meaning through repetition. And conversely, I am made curious of the etymology of the word for the hairstyle.

    I’m also not feeling the Feist/Chrissie comparison. Someone recently compared the lead for the Cliks to Chrissie, and that one worked better for me. Even though Chrissie was not transgendered.

  6. No one compares to Chrissie Hynde. She’ll beat you up for wearing leather and then write a great song about it.

    Anyway, I don’t have a particular preference, so I couldn’t answer the poll. I have personally never had bangs in my life. Might be worth trying sometime.

  7. hey, i found this place by googling “feist bangs.” i have a hair appointment on friday and i’m trying to make an educated decision. good to see from your poll that the guys like bangs. i’m married and i’m a mom, but the checkers at trader joe’s often have hearts in their eyes and i admit i kinda like it. don’t want BANGS to interfere with my small marketplace following.

  8. I have seen Feist open for BSS and I thought she had some of a CH style for sure. Chrissie, though is a singular artist. Ain’t no one come before or after who is like her. Leslie Feist is just lovely and very good at what she does (she should remain FEIST). I look forward to her new Cd in 2009-10….mushaboom!!!!!!!!!!!

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