A Day of Power Outages

Unusually, we’ve been suffering from lengthy power outages today. They’re Gozo-wide, apparently. We’ve only had a few blackouts before today, and they’ve been local to the house, the street or the village. We’re pretty much useless without power, and the already-chilly house gets downright freezing without any electric heaters

So blogging needs to take a back seat to work today, in case the power dies again. I leave you with this awesome “Mary is My Home Girl” t-shirt I just ordered:

Mary is My Home Girl

It was the latest in a series of cool t-shirts that (the very talented) Justin Kirk’s character wears on Weeds. In light of our experience in very Catholic Malta, it seemed appropriate.


  1. I have a mini-crush on Justin Kirk, because he reminds me of a guy I always liked, both in character and appearance.

    If you get the chance, please see Lars and the Real Girl. It’s one of the most creative and touching movies I saw this year.

  2. I feel your power-outage pain. We had 2 mini-blackouts here yesterday, and I suspect they hint at the winter storms to come. If only the boonies didn’t have so many darn trees near power lines 😉

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