Blogger Outreach 101 in Plain (Yet Horrible) English

As regular readers know, I’m a huge fan of Lee and Sachi’s awesome paper-based videos. As part of our blogger outreach strategy for promoting our ebook, we’ve created a number of personalized video messages. We created something particularly special for Lee and Sachi. It’s our own very awful parody of their videos:

In particular, I have no idea why Sachi acquired a certain Queen Elizabeth accent halfway through the thing. I take full responsibility.

They took it in very good form, and Lee even said nice things about us over on CommonCraft.


  1. 🙂

    I have to ask Darren – Are we both horses? I know one is a running horse. But the other has a tail that appears to curl upward.

    Nice inter-continental representation among the animals, btw. 🙂

  2. Lee: Indeed, you’re both horses. What, you didn’t see the whole American/Canadian metaphor between the horses and the, uh, camel/giraffe?

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