They’ll Offer You Food and Wine

Yesterday, Julie accused me of never having seen The Sound of Music. I took immediate offense, and challenged her to a Sound of Music trivia throwdown. These were the questions we asked each other (entirely without the web, I might add):

  1. What was the name of the Captain’s new lover?
  2. What was the name of the eldest daughter’s beau?
  3. What’s the betraying beau’s job?
  4. What were the names of all the kids?
  5. Where did the family escape to at the end of the film?
  6. What were the children’s play clothes made out of?
  7. What animal was featured in the puppet show the children created?

We came out about even. How’d you do?

Incidentally, the title of this post comes from a line from the duet “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”. The whole line goes:

Oh crap. I just searched for the original line, and found my own post from four years ago. I was going to write about the very same thing–the interesting etymology of the term ‘roué’. Clearly I have been blogging too long.


  1. I’ve seen The Sound Of Music more times than I’d like to admit. I couldn’t remember the character names you questioned, but I knew the other answers.

  2. I think it’s lovely that you and Julie can have impromptu Sound of Music smackdowns. Your marriage is a house build on solid ground…

  3. True story…my Austrian husband had never seen The Sound of Music until I forced him to watch it one evening. 😛 Apparently, it was primarily a North American phenomenon…who knew? *lol*

  4. I laughed out loud at your last paragraph, having done the same thing myself (found my own blog or website results when searching for something).

    Oddly, though I used to watch SOM endlessly, I couldn’t answer all the questions. Except the puppet one. That’s my favourite song. Or at least the worst earworm for me.

  5. A few years ago the Roxy Cinegog here in Victoria showed the sing-a-long version of The Sound of Music. It was the perfect way to enjoy the film as R&H intended it – me and two hundred strangers yodeling along to ‘The Lonely Goatherd’. Lay-o-de-lay-o-de-lay-he-hoo!

  6. I’ve learned now, before dashing off some witty blog post on some topic on which I’ve just had a brilliant insight, to do a quick check and make sure I didn’t have the same brilliant insight on my blog three years (or four months) ago.

    So, what’s next, The King and I?

  7. I have never seen the sound of music. Even though my best friend just loaned me the DVD… three days before I left for a six week holiday!

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