Carrie Brownstein Has a Pretty Good Blog

Carrie Brownstein is the guitarist and vocalist for Sleater-Kinney, “a critically acclaimed, politically charged indie rock band”. The band’s on hiatus, and one of her current gigs is writing a blog on NPR’s site. It’s pretty entertaining.

I learned about her blog via Waxy, who links to Ms. Brownstein’s verbose review of Rock Band on Slate:

Brad wanted to make sure everything was working, so he got on drums, I picked up a guitar, and we started the game. I quickly discovered, as other real guitarists have, that knowing how to play guitar in no way qualifies you to play Rock Band (or Guitar Hero). It’s the same way that being a doctor doesn’t make you good at the game Operation.

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Ms. Brownstein, because she’s my wife Julie’s celebrity doppleganger. I’m not alone in thinking this–a couple of people have mistaken her for the musician. Check it out:

Julie and Her Celebrity Doppleganger, Carrie Brownstein


  1. hmmmm….I would be super proud of foremost and utmost turned on by the likeness. I do see it and umm, yes Carrie is my crush , always has been. and YES I am a female and so is she….mmmm…good times, jk…i dont know how i could ever contact her. i’d love to just chat with her or meet her. i’m with someone now, commited in fact, but i think i’d have to change everything about my life if Carrie were to ask me out on a “date”….haha…as if!

    Long Time RebelGrrl

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