My Idea for a Microblogging App

A couple of weeks ago, I made some silly comics to promote a product review to some bloggers. I used Comic Life, an easy-to-use app that comes with OS X.

Rebecca and John just got their printer, and Rebecca made a fun comic of her own to, uh, celebrate its arrival.

That’s when I had this week’s free idea: a microblogging platform based around comic book frames. It works like Twitter, except that each time you want to post, you choose an image (probably of yourself) and a type of thought or speech balloon. Then you type your message.

Here’s my, er, prototype:

My Microblogging Idea

The app would integrate with Flickr and other photo-sharing services, enabling you to choose from any of your photos, or photos with a particular tag. You could also use your webcam to snap a photo.

There’s obviously the problem of ‘twittering’ from your mobile device, but you could set up one or more default comic frames for posting on the go, or for when you couldn’t be arsed to make a new comic frame.

Ironically, what I’m describing feels slightly like what Flickr briefly was when I first saw it. Kind of a real-time chat with photo-sharing on the fly.

I suppose the downside is that it’s slower-per-post than Twitter would be, and people are very attracted to the enforced brevity (a side effect is that Twitter seems to be an Ego Distillation Engine, but more on that another time).

What do you think of this week’s silly idea? Maybe it already exists?


  1. This sounds like an iteration of a Twitter site that came out in the summer, Social Comic Book. In that web application, someone mashed up Flickr and Twitter accounts to try and create a 6-panel comic that put a tweet with a photo. (Of course, it only works if your usernames match in both services.)

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