Can Somebody Hook Me Up With a Jaiku Invite, Please?

For professional reasons, I’m forcing myself to pay more attention to this whole microblogging/status trickle space. I believe I’ve discovered a way to update Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Tumblr and Facebook all at the same time. That would make life easier, certainly.

But I need a Jaiku invitation. If you’ve got one kicking around, please send it to me at darren {at} darrenbarefoot {fullstop} com. Merci.

UPDATE: Invite received, thanks to James. I am now Jaiku-enabled.


  1. It seems these invites are like gold dust, if you have one spare it would be *much* appreciated – jaiku[at]

  2. hi i really want to get onto jaiku, could you possibly send me an invite??

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