We Interrupt Regular Programming

For five minutes and thirty-two seconds of vintage Madonna. This song has inexplicably been in my head for the past few days, I needed to get it out:

Do you think she’s singing live on that song, or lip-synching?


  1. Oh great. Now I’ve got the song stuck in my head!

    And I’m not sure she’s faking it. It’s not something she’s known for…

  2. She is singing over a track.

    Note that there are sometimes 3-4 copies of her singing at once – this is done for harmonizing and texturing, but also it gives her a rest for when she’s out of breath. You can hear the texture of her live voice around 3 minutes when the song breaks down into dance – a bit huskier and a different EQ on the mic. Anyway she’s quite the performer none the less.

    By the way, if she faked it, we’d probably never find out. I would suspect that Madonna has much better PR agents than Milli Vanilli ever did.

  3. Davin has it mostly right: I belive Madonna is one of those artists who is quite famous for using “supporting” vocal tracks during live performances. The history of lip sync performane and why it’s done is well-outlined there.

    Note that Milli Vanilli’s sin was not so much that they lip synced, but that they never sang the music at all, even in the studio. That was someone else’s voices.

  4. Did this work? Is the song now out of your head? And, if so, is it because you’ve put it into everyone else’s heads?

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