A US Army Interrogator Turned Conscientious Objector

I’ve really been enjoying the McCarter Theatre blog. I like that, although they’re an American theatre, they still spell ‘theatre’ with an ‘re’ ending.

In any case, I was recently riveted by this ten minute video interview with playwright Joshua Casteel, a former US army interrogator who worked at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. He describes an unexpected conversation with one of his prisoners, which eventually motivated him to apply for conscientious objector status.



  1. Definitely interesting. While I think it’s laudable that he’s trying to find peace, I still think he’s part of a huge crime against humanity and should have to answer for that.

  2. Barf. I see a young man who willingly volunteered for the Army, and willingly took all that the Army offered him: a job, a paycheck, technical training, and all the benefits that come with life in the Army (medical, commissary, etc.). I see someone who says he believes there is no just war and that all militaries should be disbanded, yet he was able to join the military and was content to be a military member until he had some “epiphany”. I see someone who says he is driven by deeply held beliefs, yet he uses the public media to share his personal convictions with the world.

  3. This guy is a fucking pussy. He is not a real interrogator, a real interrogator breaks his source and does not have his source break him. That is what happened to this pussy, he was broken by his source. If a interrogator shows up at your door, chances are you did something to bring him there.

    Sgt. 3ID
    from a real 97e
    who did THT work, not sat in a prison

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