That Darned Moose Got Out Again

Northern Voice 2008I’m pleased to join in on the usual round of announcing Northern Voice 2008 (see also the event in Facebook). Huzzah! The format–Friday for Moose Camp, Saturday for more formal conference–and location–UBC Forestry Building–will be the same as last year, more or less. Here are the important dates:

  • The conference is Friday, February 22 and Saturday, February 23.
  • There’s talk of a party or some kind of social event (though not a dinner) on Thursday, February 21.
  • Speaker submissions close on December 10. Speaker selection will be announced before Christmas.

Registration isn’t open yet, but it will be soon. I’ll post a note when you can officially register. We’re also seeking sponsors as per previous years–contact the organizing committee if you’re interested.

Seeing as I’m on the wrong continent, I’m just participating in an advisory capacity, and virtually helping out where I can.


  1. Malta just barely qualifies as European–I believe that it’s the most southerly point.

    Of course, I’ll be in Africa when the conference itself is on.

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