The Pelvis and the Perineum Screwed Me Up

Lately I’ve been reading Jennifer Hawke’s blog. She’s another Canadian living abroad–she’s attending medical school in the Caribbean. I always like blogs about professions and hobbies that are totally foreign to what I do, and hers is no exception. Today she writes about an anatomy exam:

our class is divided into two sections of about 44 students each. the cadavers and various tables (with bones and models) around the lab are set up into 44 stations with 44 tags and 44 lists of multiple choice answers. you are assigned a number to start (ie: “go stand at #23.”) and given 60 seconds to look at the structure, figure out what it is, and complete that question by filling in your multiple choice answer on a scantron sheet. then a little buzzer goes and you rotate to the next question (ie: #24) while the person at #22 moves to the station you were just at.

The title is another quote from the same post. I explained in a comment that she certainly wasn’t the first person to be screwed up by that region, even when the skin’s still on it.


  1. Childbirth gives you a great insight into both the pelvis and the perineum. 20 or so months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what the perineum is, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you it was a part of the body even.

  2. Speaking from personal experience, bell-ringers for Anatomy are incredible stressful. The reason, I found, was that it was impossible to study at home effectively as you can’t (of course!) take home the cadavers.

    Interesting story: at some point in the past, someone *did* try and take a cadaver part home in my medical school (years ago) to study. Problem was that he didn’t secure the bag that held the part, and while he was on the TTC the leg slipped out onto the floor during a sudden stop.

    He got into a lot of trouble after that. 🙂

    Cheers and keep up the great work,
    tony hung.

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