Five Star Hotel, Two Star Wifi Page

As we occasionally do, Julie and I spent a couple of hours today working in the lovely bar at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz. I think it’s the only five star hotel on Gozo, and despite its peculiar location (there are no views of the sea), it’s quite posh.

I wasn’t using the web, but I happened to visit the hotel’s portal page for its wifi service. Here it is:

Two-Star Web Page

That looks pretty weak, doesn’t it? Why does a five-star hotel, with its spa smelling of sandalwood and lavendar, it’s beautifully-tiled pools and gorgeously-appointed rooms, have such a crappy-looking login page? The Kempinski isn’t unique in this peculiar disconnect–I’ve seen worse in plenty of four and five-star hotels.

It’s a tiny thing, but swish hotels aspire to get the tiny things right. The five-star devil, after all, is in the details. On the other hand, at least I wasn’t presented with an image of some kind of fruitophile.

Incidentally, I took that screenshot with a great little OS X program that Monique tipped me off on. It’s called Paparazzi, and all it does is make a full-length screenshot of any URL you enter. It saves you the trouble of stitching screenshots together.


  1. The short answer is that they generally outsource their WiFi since they have no idea how that Internets thing works.

    Interestingly, when I was in Barcelona this year the Hotel Princessa Sophia used a company based out of New Brunswick to manage their WiFi authentication.

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