Bronchioles, Trees or Coastline?

I’m agnostic. But if I wanted to find evidence of a Intelligent Designer in nature, I’d look at more images like this:

Bronchial Tubes, Trees or Coast Lines?

I made this image by rotating, blurrying and greyscaling this satellite photo of the coast of Greenland. I saw it on this recently-Dugg blog post, and was immediately struck by how tree-like the fjords and inlets looked.

I showed it to Julie, and she immediately thought of bronchioles, the tubes in your lungs.

I know I sound like a New Age hippie, but this sort of thing kind of blows my mind. It’s amazing and profound that we humans can recognize these recurring micro and macro patterns in nature.


  1. I agree with Gar and Derek: it’s fractals, ergo mathematical. How does this suggest there is a god when it can be described by logic and equations?

  2. “How does this suggest there is a god when it can be described by logic and equations?”

    I’m not sure I follow your logic here. I only took one philosophy of religion course at UVic, but I’m pretty sure that ‘described by logic and equations’ and ‘higher power’ aren’t mutually exclusive. At least, plenty of philosophers have applied logic in arguing in favour of the existences of a higher being.

    That, however, is not what I care to do (despite, I suspect, any number of atheists chomping at the bit).

    My point was that if one were looking for it, repeated similar patterns at radically different scales might seem like good evidence of intelligent design.

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