Scoble’s Starfish

Last year, while attempting to get a handle on the increasing number of social media, uh, mediums, I created this diagram. I’ve used it fairly often in talks to try to explain the different ways people are interacting on the web.

Robert Scoble recently blogged about what amounts to a 2007 version of that diagram. It now has twice as many spokes, and he calls it a social media starfish. You can watch a very enthusiastic Robert run through the diagram in this video:

It’s a great articulation of the evolving social media landscape, and it’s something we’ll have to update every six months or so. I don’t think Robert’s got a pretty version of this diagram anywhere, so I made him one:

Scoble's Social Media Starfish

Can I Use It in Our eBook?

I have an ulterior motive in making the diagram. Julie and I are writing an eBook which, gods willing, will be available at the end of the month. It’s called “Getting to First Base: Social Media Marketing Strategies and Tactics”. We’re trying to write a primer and guidebook–based on our own experiences and all the best stuff we can rip off from other people–on social media marketing. Robert’s diagram would make a nice addition, so hopefully he’ll let me use it.

I’ll be blogging about the eBook more when we’re closer to launching it, but I figured I might as well mention it. It’s more motivation to get the thing finished, after all. If you’re a blogger and you want to review it, we’ll be giving away plenty of free copies.

We also have an, uh, introductory offer of sorts where you can get the thing for a mere $29 (currency to be determined) instead of the usual $49. You just need to give us your name and email address so that we can let you know when we launch.


  1. I gotta say it. Your diagram looks a lot nicer — even if it has less information (though maybe that’s why).

    Good luck with the eBook!

  2. I like your diagram very much. I can’t imagine Scoble not appreciating it. He doesn’t have the time to be preety. Yeah, he’s to busy making long and boring videos.

  3. you mike doesnt have enough oomph.
    can u process your audio louder?
    couldnt hear u on my laptop.

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