Vancouver’s $18 Million Apartment

From my former apartment at Pacific and Thurlow, I could see an extraordinary penthouse near the Burrard Street Bridge. The building had a distinctive hexagonal mini-tower on its roof, and seemed to offer unparalleled views of the city. I often said that, if I had enough money, I’d live in that penthouse.

It turns out that all I’d need is $18 million. The Tyee has a profile of super-expensive penthouses in the city, and features unit #2601 at 1000 Beach:

With interior architecture by Omer Arbel, the 6,900-square-foot unit at 1000 Beach Avenue is the only one in the $18 million club that’s actually finished, and it is spectacular — in a very literal and public sense of the term. Rising out of the crotch of the Burrard St. Bridge, the building itself reads like our city’s version of the Statue of Liberty, except that the lantern that tops it off is not a spiked beret but a double-storey penthouse, aglow with a thousand points of halogen light.

Private four car garage, guest suite on the second floor, private elevator. Not too shabby. And it’s for sale. Visit the realtor’s website for a photo gallery. I gather the interior is about as fancy as one could make it with a limitless budget. It sure looks like it.


  1. Wow. Those views are just spectacular – reminds me of my visit to Vancouver about ten years ago – I need to visit again!

    However, although the views are just out of this world, I don’t actually like the apartment itself! Too fancy for me!

  2. That suite has been empty FOREVER. About 10 years ago, when it was built (and was a bargain at a couple of mil) a friend of mine’s dad lived in the unit BELOW it.

    Since nobody was in the penthouse, it was still accessible via the staircase. We snuck up and hung out for a while. Fabulous, but a little overpriced at $18M – it’s not worth a penny over 16.

  3. Isn’t that building under a tarp? Perhaps that’s the one next door.

    Total derail, but do you know the Sundance Trampoline mural you see as you come over the bridge? Are there trampolines in that building? Anyone know?

  4. Andrea: That used to be, or possibly still is, a trampoline store/warehouse. I used to live in The 501 building, whose garage is right across the alley from them. I believe that whole block is being replaced with a condo, so I’m not sure how long they’ll last.

  5. $18 mil sure buys you a lot of cold hard steel. The views may be spectacular but there isn’t a whole lot of warmth.

  6. I am not sure I have the sort of cash to buy an $ 18 million dollar suite. Maybe $ 16 million, and I have a bit of spare change I could throw into the mix too.

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