Photos and Videos from the San Diego Fires

I’ve been following the Twitter feed of KPBS News in San Diego. They recently linked to a Flick photo group and a YouTube account with lots of still and moving images of the fires. Here are two videos that caught my attention. The first is a time-lapse video of the Harris fire:

The second shows some folks evacuating from Rancho Bernardo. It’s remarkable to see the size and brightness the fire’s glow:


  1. I worked in Yellowstone National Park the year of their big fire (1988? or 1989). Waking up every morning for my 6:30 a.m. shift and walking out the door and it looks like dusk was a wild experience.

  2. Hey Darren. I covered the fires as well both on my blog and on twitter especially. Helped people from as far away as Vermont, Florida and Italy. Pretty crazy down here, but now it’s settled down. Thankfully Wired, CNET and Yahoo all did pieces on my twitter feed with the intention of telling the mainstream media (kinda themselves) that they just don’t get it anymore. KPBS and I were putting out more valuable information per minute than the TV stations ever did.

    Ergo, a bunch of us are building an Aggregated Citizens News Networks for future disasters and emergencies like this one. Hopefully it will become a useful and welcome change from our current sources of news.


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