Friends Don’t Let Friends Abuse Stock Photography

After signing up for the Sheraton’s Internet service, this was the ‘thanks for registering’ graphic they showed me:

Log in to the Internet, Smell the Melon

Nothing says ‘go use the Internet’ like a guy smelling a cantaloupe.


  1. Darren, you’re reading it all wrong! They got the image via a stock photo service. On the internet. So, they’re really saying “now that you have an internet connection, PLEASE use it to find us some better images!”

  2. Everyone knows that the cantaloupe is just a metaphor for the Internet. Because the Internet is, um, all pulpy and high in vitamin C.

  3. i don’t really understand this pic of the guy sniffing the fruit. this doesn’t promote hotels in any way for me. I blame the stock photography website they used. it probably didn’t have much selection thats why they picked such a ridiculous pic. they need to use a more top notch site like or i do a lot of graphics work and i actually take the time to find the perfect pic for my job. i guess this artist didn’t care.

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