Matt’s Allergic to a Couple Things

Matt wrote an entertaining (for me, not so much for him) post about his discovery that he’s got a schwack of food allergies:

So let’s tally up: shellfish are bad, but regular fish is still okay. And even though wheat is out, rice is okay. And no dairy. So you’d think I’d be the perfect candidate for the all-sushi diet. Hooray! Which wouldn’t be too far off, but it’s still tricky.

You see, when they make the sushi rice, they do two things to it. They add mirin, a sugary rice wine. And they add vinegar, which, in addition to the sugar in the mirin, I’m also allergic to. And even if not, I couldn’t dip the sushi in anything, because I’m also allergic to soy. Sounds like no biggie, but do you have any idea how much soy you ingest in a day? (Hint: think vegetable oil — what kind of vegetable do you think it comes from?)

Dude, that’s a lot of foods. And a bummer about the sushi. Sushi is one of the few foods I really miss living in places like Gozo and Ireland, where sushi is unavailable and expensive (and lousy), respectively.

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  1. It is, indeed, a bummer about sushi — but there’s still sashimi which, actually, is my preference anyway. Of course, the sashimi is always enhanced by the flavour of wasabi and the wasabi is usually sitting in a small puddle of soy sauce and so we have now come full circle: bummer about the sushi and now bummer about sashimi.

    (As a bonus comment: it’s coming up to Thanksgiving and the recipe I will be using is an Anne Lindsay recipe for a cranberry glaze turkey and the glaze uses soy sauce (and, though it might work without the soy sauce, I am not inclined to experiment).

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