What Will Happen in Myanmar?

On a more serious note, I’ve been following the brave protests of thousands of Buddhist monks in Myanmar with awe and worry:

The demonstrations came despite the ruling military junta’s orders on Monday that the protests halt immediately.

Again on Tuesday, government supporters drove around in pickup trucks, warning protesters over loudspeakers that the demonstrations could be “dispersed by military force,” according to the BBC.

Myanmar’s current military dictatorship isn’t exactly renowned for its tolerance of anti-government protest. The monks have been joined by students and other protesters in the past few days, and the world seems to be watching, so hopefully these events won’t end in bloodshed.

UPDATE: Man, here comes the bloodshed.

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  1. Tonight! I am so scared to imaging that how many Burmese civilian and monk got kill by idiot junta who used to taking away and kill at night time!

    Burmese stupid idiot Junta (China and Russia Ass) used to say that they will roll their party (SPDC) until no human left in whole Burma and they prefer that kind of situation.

    You wouldn’t see Burmese situation today if selfish Burmese government care of being sanction by US. They’ll never ever care what others countries say as long as their house are full of Gold.

    Burmese civilian will die day and night if you keep talking and talking and nonstop talking. How many civilian and monk will take away tonight? Please No MORE TALKING, IT IS TIME FOR ACTION. If you only want to talk, then please provide shelter or weapon to Burmese people to protect themselves from Bloody Than Shwe and his slave.

    We all Burmese civilian are happy to die with Junta as long as we can save Burmese future. We will be very happy if US will save us like Iraq. We are expecting that day will come true.

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