In Praise of Luxury Link, Again

As I’ve mentioned, we’re planning on spending two or three months in Morocco in the new year. We plan to visit a couple of towns to see what we like, and then find some medium-term, Internet-enabled accommodation.

When we first arrive, we’ll obviously need somewhere to stay. We turned once again to Luxury Link, an auction site for luxury travel (I have a soft, slightly rotten spot for lovely, unusual lodgings). We were the successful and sole bidders on four nights at the awesome-looking Jnane Tamsna, a guest house in the Palmeraie on the outskirts of Marrakesh.

As the only bidders, we paid the minimum price for Jnane Tamsna–about CAN $950 for four nights, breakfast every day, one dinner, a guide for a half-day and sundry other tidbits. The website put the retail value of the package at $2500. Even if they’re padding those numbers, that’s still a fantastic deal.

We got a similar killer deal on Luxury Link for the mind-buggeringly luxurious Boscolo Dei Dogi Hotel (some photos of our room) when we visited Venice.

Minds Change, Should Post Titles?

When I originally booked our first trip with Luxury Link, I was pretty unhappy with the auction system, which differs from eBay’s. My subsequent happy experiences with Luxury Link has ameliorated those concerns, and a while ago I updated my earlier post to say so.

I’ve exchanged a few friendly emails with the folks at Luxury Link, who more or less asked me to change the title of that post, because of its SEO juice. I declined, but ever since I’ve wondered if I should.

Should I modify the post title to reflect my current thinking, or should blog posts remain archival reflections of my thinking on a given day in my past? I have written positively about Luxury Link since then, but haven’t knocked off that first post. It’s a trivial little test case (less trivial for the SEO-sensitive owners of Luxury Link), I suppose, and an issue I’ll encounter more often the older my blog gets.

What would you do?

UPDATE: I decided to change the title of that post to something more accurate, and reflect that in another update at the top of the post.


  1. I would update the original story with links to the follow-up stories at the end. Maybe I’d throw in an “[Update]” in the title post, too.

    This way, the post doesn’t exist in a vacuum anymore. The reader can see your follow-up links and how your mind has changed. You can even throw those links at the top of the entry, if it makes you feel better. Just be sure to note that the links are new in some obvious fashion. (Preface them with a subheadline or some such.)

  2. Personally, I’d consider changing the title (with a note in the post about what it was originally titled).

    I think that the post title is rather inflammatory and unfair, especially since their auction system isn’t really bogus…it’s just not the same as eBay’s (which isn’t the same as traditional auctions, but that hardly makes it bogus either).

  3. Interesting. I don’t want to be too precious about this (though I appreciate I may have crossed that line already), and I also don’t want to modify the whole post.


    “I Thought Luxury Link Had a Bogus Auction System, But I Was Wrong”

    “Luxury Link Has an Unusual Auction System”

    “I Was Unhappy with Luxury Link’s Auction System, But I’m Over It”

    It’s all about nuance, it seems. That third one seems to most accurately reflect my attitude, maybe I’ll go with that.

    I do agree that I should note the original title somewhere.

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