Two Random Images: A Jellyfish and Scrabulous

While snorkeling yesterday, I saw the most remarkable thing I’ve seen underwater:

It’s a Cassiopea jellyfish. That’s not my photo, but the one I saw looked very similar. It’s strikingly large–the one I saw was probably a foot in diameter. Its undulating motion was hypnotizing. Two interesting facts about this species: juvenile fish often make take temporary shelter among its tentacles–you can see some sand smelt (I think) doing this in another photo. The other fact comes from Wikipedia:

Sometimes this jellyfish is picked up by a crab (Dorippe frascone) and carried on its back. The crab uses the jellyfish to defend itself against possible predators.

I’ve become addicted to the Facebook version of Scrabble, Scrabulous. After playing a word, the app loaded new letters into my tray. Entirely at random, look what it spelled:

What are the Odds?

What’re the odds? And when is Hasbro going to sue whoever made that Facebook app?


  1. I think Scrabulous was already established independently for online Scrabble, so probably already have a deal with Hasbro

    Also it’s as buggy as hell lately, only loading for me half the time

  2. Nope, they definitely don’t have a deal with Hasbro. They’re based in India which makes it harder for the copyright holders to get to them.

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