A Scorpion in the Bedroom

No, I’m not going to talk about anybody’s sexual proclivities.

There was an actual scorpion in our bedroom, about two feet from where I rest my head:

A Scorpion in the Bedroom

For the average person who dwells below the 49th parallel, this wouldn’t seem particularly unusual. And besides, the thing was tiny-about three-quarters of an inch long. However, this is the first scorpion I’ve seen in real life.

And scorpions are kind of mythic, you know? They’re the stuff of desert adventures and Mortal Kombat. Whenever you see them in pop culture, they’re always vicious, cruel and armed with deadly neurotoxins.

So, it required an inordinate amount of bravery for me to coax this little dude into a cup and take him out back to the garden. I suppose I could have just stepped on him, but that’s probably bad scorpion karma.

UPDATE: I asked a local, and he assured me that these scorpions aren’t dangerous.


  1. Nah, she spotted it, and was extremely calm about it. Neither of us have anything but a healthy respect for potential painful insects and slimy things…

  2. BC has two species of scorpions (and I saw reference to a third recently). Both of the scorpions I know about live in the Okanagan, around Osoyoos. Nobody has died from BC’s scorpions…yet. I also think they can glow in the dark if you shine some light on them.

    (We had a BC insect (and arachnid) exhibit at my museum this summer, so I spent all of June learning as much as I could about our locals to write six programs.)

  3. hey! that looks almost like a black emperor.. only way smaller.. anyway, yes they do glow in the dark, but u need a black uv light. its also the best way to find the critters as well. and just wanted to say good on ya for sparing that scorpions life. its good to know someone respects these creatures.

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