Buy The Weakerthans’ New Album

I had the, uh, opportunity to hear the Weakerthans’ fourth album, Reunion Tour, before its scheduled release in late September. You could do the same, if you know what the word ‘BitTorrent’ means and how to use it.

I forget how I exactly first discovered the Weakerthans, but the first song I came to know and like was “Plea From a Cat Named Virtute”. It is that rarity–a rock song written from the perspective of a cat:

I always thought my song file was mislabeled, and that the cat’s name was ‘Virtue’. I recently heard an interview with lead singer and songwriter John K. Samson, and confirmed that it was, in fact, Virtute (Latin for ‘valor’ or ‘strength’).

In any case, this is a long, roundabout way to say that their new album is great, and I’d highly recommend it. They tell great, Canadian stories. Everyone should own an album that includes a song called “Tournament of Hearts”. It could be the anthem of Men with Brooms.

Incidentally, I have a little side project in mind in which I’ll compensate the likes of The Weakerthans for my occasional, sketchy downloading habit. More on that this winter, I think.


  1. And you could also check out the CBC Radio 3 podcast (number 119) which has an interview with Weakerthans lead singer and songwriter John K. Samson, plus a Weakerthans super-set.

    Check it out at, under the Podcast link.

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