Two Films About Iraq

The Venice Film Festival wraps up this weekend (that’s something I’d like to go to some day). Earlier in the week I read this article about two very different American films about Iraq: Redacted and In the Valley of Elah.

I started this entry assuming I’d be able to find trailers for both films, but I couldn’t find one for Redacted. That’s surprising, given that it’s receiving plenty of media attention. So here’s a trailer for In the Valley of Elah, and an interview with Brian De Palma in Italian with some footage from Redacted:

I’m looking forward to In the Valley of Elah, as it’s written and directed by Paul Haggis, who recently racked up writing credits for Crash (which he also directed), Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale. He’s Canadian, and about 15 years ago he created Due South, for which I have a fondness.


  1. Wow. “…Elah” gave me goosebumps. It looks good; but I get conflicted when fictional movies are about current world events. Like they’re capitalizing or something. I tend to think that a doc would be better because it’s more objective. But social commentary can be a boon of artistic endeavour at times. So I should be pleased… right?

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