Client Plug: Submit to the Greenest Photo Ever Contest

Not the Greenest Photo EverAs you may know, one of our clients over at Capulet is DeSmogBlog, a website dedicated to “to clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate change”.

As part of our ongoing online marketing activities for them, we launched a little contest on Flickr: the Greenest Photo Ever Contest:

The challenge is simple: take the greenest photo ever.

What does that mean? Whatever you want it to.

It can be literally a really green photo (but not of a green dress, that’s cruel). Or it can be a metaphorically green photo, whether that’s ecological or ‘green with envy’ or any other angle you can think of. In short, be creative!

In order to participate, you need a Flickr account (they’re free). Then just join the contest group, and submit a photo. You can use an existing photo from your Flickr photostream or take a new one. Complete rules and so forth are on the group page.

And there are prizes! There’s a pretty mundane point-and-shoot Sony digital camera, as well as two $100 Amazon or iTunes gift certificates.

Our group looks pretty sad at the moment, with its two little photos (and one of them is mine, which doesn’t really qualify, does it?). We’ve just launched, but I’d like to achieve some kind of happy critical mass as soon as possible. So go forth and submit.


  1. Two things…

    1. I’ll run my naughty bits through the food processor before I’ll be caught dead posting to Flickr, and,

    2. My photos probably don’t count as being “green” if you see the fuel guzzling old half ton I beat around the area in. 🙂

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