Start Your Week With an Addictive Flash Game

Because nothing says “I’m committed to this company” like massacring virtual men made of jelly. Logitech recently launched a new, entertaining viral game called Jelly Battle. You have to play three quick levels of single-player mode before you can go head-to-head with three other humans online.

The trick to these games, I think, is to achieve a level of complexity that’s not simplistic, but not overly baroque either. It should be just complex enough to hint at further achievement.

Logitech’s done a nice job of not overly-branding the experience. It took me quite a while to notice that, in fact, they were promoting cordless devices among the jelly carnage.

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  1. I just lost 30 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. I had to close the browser window when i yelped from getting an anvil dropped on my jelly guy!

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