Several Reasons Why

Via Mark Evans, I encountered a new fun blog entitled Four (or Five!) Reasons Why. It’s structured randomness appeals–they cover everything from why dollar stores are evil to why James Bond will never die. A reason from the former list:

It’s generally derived from municipal water supplies. Let’s see – buy a cheap license from a local government, pilfer their water supplier, charge a fortune for it and make a mint. Great for the bottler. Bad, bad, bad for everyone else. By the way, Pepsi’s Aquafina bottled water is made from treated tap water. Ha!

The formula enables shooting from the hip writing and constant courting of controversy–great blog fodder.


  1. Seems like they would be very sticky posts. One thing though. It seems like there are fewer comments than I’d expect given the controversy. Sometimes I think blogs with such established and unbending formulas get old quickly.

  2. OMG – you’ve gone and done it – I’m addicted to the *four or five reasons* website.

    As if my productivity needed anything else to drag it down!

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