Darren = Dumbass

You know, after 33 years on this spinning orb we call home, you’d think I’d understand how my body works:

Candle – Both Ends = Probable Illness

And, to augment this particular equation:

Candle – Both Ends + Many Hands Shaken = Certain Illness

I had to bail out of BarCamp Vancouver at about noon, because I was wrecked and could feel the aforementioned illness coming on. So, I flew home to Malta all hoarse, feverish and plague-ridden. It was unpleasant.

Mind you, I didn’t end up on the floor sucking oxygen from a tank, which is what happened the last time I got sick while flying across the Atlantic.

In any case, I was disappointed to miss much of BarCamp, and not to have another shot at giving my 1100 Stacies talk. I really must employ more discipline the next time I visit Vancouver, and pace myself accordingly. By all accounts, however, the day was a raging success.

I’m currently wading in self pity:

Illness + Jet Lag + Heat Wave = Meh

Things should return to normalcy around here in the next couple of days.


  1. Sorry you didn’t get to give your talk, though Phillip Jeffery and I were pleased to get bumped from the medium to large room in your absence.

  2. I noticed that you had disappeared about mid-day. (Your situation brings to mind the northern voice plague earlier this year). I didn’t quite make it to the end of barcamp either, but in my case I made it until 3pm….

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