Dolph Lundgren and Killer CDs

On Saturday night, I dropped by a little Gnomedex after-party at a local pub. For reasons I can’t recall, I talked about a movie that involved a broad-shouldered alien antagonist who killed people with flying CDs.

I pretty much asked everybody that I talked to at the event, but nobody could place it. Lee, to his credit, introduced the idea that it might have starred C-grade action hero Dolph Lundgren. Even some iPhone-powered web searches proved fruitless.

It took me a few minutes, but I eventually found the film on the Web when I got home: I Come in Peace. A plot summary:

An intergalactic alien drug dealer (Hues) comes to earth with a peculiar MO on the fritz. The duder causes human beings to overdose on smack and then sucks the endorphins out of their heads with the intention of selling the fix on his home planet. Yup, you heard me…that’s the plot and I’m sober as I write this. With Dolph Lundgren (playing Jack), spastic Brian Benben (playing Laurence) and a space cop with bad hair on his intergalactic tail, our “peaceful” alien friend has his hands full.

If I recall correctly, when Dolph slays the alien at the film’s climax, he says something really clever like “you go in pieces”. That’s right up there with “we’ll always have Paris”, isn’t it?


  1. I never saw this one Darren, but for some strange reason I have always remembered that quote from the TV ads for the film. Of course, the trailer with that classic quote can be found on youtube

  2. The “go in pieces” line is classic — makes up for the entire movie:

    Alien: I come in peace.
    Dolf: But you go in pieces.

    It should be used in any “us vs. the aliens” movie.

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