What Are We Doing in the Gnomedex Audience?

Gnomedex ScreensAs attendees know, about 80% of the Gnomedex audience has a laptop open in front of them. Most of them (myself included) aren’t taking notes most of the time. So what are they doing?

At a couple of different times today, I walked around the back of the room, looked over people’s shoulders (from a, uh, respectful distance) and took a straw poll of what Gnomedex attendees seemed to be doing. These are the results:

Browsing random web page: 17
Coding or viewing terminal window: 11
Twitter: 11
Microsoft Outlook: 9
Microsoft Word: 8
Google Reader: 6
iPhoto: 5
Gmail: 5
Flickr: 5
Google Search: 4
Facebook: 4
Blogging: 3
Skype: 1
Pownce: 1


  1. I loved your Gnomedex presentation. I found it fascinating. But like everyone else, I multi-tasked through it. I wonder what’s up with that — that we can’t give our full attention even to things we pay for and enjoy? Have we lost something through technology as we gained it?

  2. D,

    Great presentation. I was glad that you, and Derek Miller, provided a portal to the world outside the conference echo chamber.

    I’m curious though what the exchange rate between your Stacies and Doctorow’s wuffies?


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