Nice Design Ruined By Fruit

There’s a lot of nice graphic design work here in Malta, even for village events. This is one example which, with one glaring exception, looks pretty good:

Ggantija Alive

What’s with all that fruit? It doesn’t remotely match the aesthetic of the rest of the poster, and seems laughably tacked on. They’re not even particularly good photos of fruit.

Julie postulated, quite accurately I suspect, that they added the fruit to imply that there would be food at the event.


  1. Wow, that is just bad.

    I read your post as “laughably tracked” which made me think how sort of good TV humour can be made awful by a laugh track overtop of it. Kinda like this fruit…

    Sometimes I think I should slow down my reading. Other times it makes for neat associations 🙂

  2. Pre-historic temples, Fat Lady, fertility cult….. (if you live in Malta you would know all about these)

    Fruit is always associated with fertility the connection with Fruit and Ggantija (one of the oldest standing prehistoric Temples) is that is still alive in today contemporary living, and fruit are the children of Ggantija today

    That’s were the laughably tacked fruit came about….

    Not sure which background you are coming from, laughably tacked not quite the right words, the image is not realistic of course and you do not need to spell every word of the event to the target audience but that’s one point of view.

    Talking about it is enough say, that the design is communicating well other wise you would not be talking about it.

    Mind you the event was a success.

  3. Hi, I’m trying to contact an old friend and work mate – I used to be promotions manager at a night club in Sydney. Is this Gorge, AKA – Hard Design???
    Sorry for any inconvenience if not!

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