Request: Photograph That Hot Dog Stand For Me

For reasons which will become clear, I need a photo of a particular Vancouver hot dog stand. It’s the one on the south-east corner (that’d be in front of the London Drugs) of the Georgia-Granville intersection.

I’m not picky about what the photo looks like–be as creative or artful as you like. However, if there happens to be a young woman sitting against a streetlight pole right beside the hot dog stand, please include her in the shot. And try the turkey smokie, it rocks.

I figure somebody’s walking past that corner in the next few days, and might have their camera with them. I’d really appreciate your help if that’s you. Drop me an email if you’re such a person.

I could do it myself next week, but I’m not bringing our camera to Vancouver, so it’ll mean borrowing one and so forth. Plus, sooner is better. Anyhow, if anybody can accommodate my odd request, there’s link-love and good karma in it for you. I may even buy you a hot dog.

I’ll explain why I need this photo in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Andrew for procuring an excellent photo of the aforementioned hot dog stand.

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