I Have Not Learned the Outcome of the Seventh Harry Potter Book

I haven’t read any of the books, but I’m interested to see how long it takes before the ending is ‘spoiled’ for me (I use quotes because, well, I feel fairly ambiguous about learning the outcome). How long before I get, uh, Crying Gamed? A week? A month? Never?

I suspect it’ll be a week or too before I accidentally read something online, or see it satirized in a Saturday Night Live sketch and more or less guess at the book’s denouement. It’ll help, I suppose, that I’m living on a rural Maltese island.

I’ve seen the movies, and will continue to watch them (assuming the fourth one ever comes to Malta). So I’ll eventually learn of the outcome.

And, of course, I’m kind of Heisenberging this test by blogging about it.

If you’re panicked about reading spoilers, here’s an example of filtering your RSS feeds for the dodgy keywords.


  1. I’m surprised I haven’t stumbled on any spoilers, too. My wife is reading the book now, telling me what’s going on (I asked her to). I’ll be posting how everyone dies on my site for the world to know.

  2. Darren, do you get to watch many movies in Malta ? — i’m guessing there are not many movie theatres..

  3. Andrea: I’m sure I could find it easily, I’m curious to see how long it takes to find me.

    Bobby: I’d say that there are an average number of cinemas per capita for Europe, which is a bit less than North America. Gozo only has one two-cinema theatre for 28,000 people. So, I’ve only seen two movies–Pirates of the Caribbean and Spiderman 3–since being over here.

  4. My DH bought the book. While waiting for him to finish running the errand, I read the last two chapters!

  5. HP and the Order of the Phoenix opened here a little while ago (wow!). However, how long it will take to get to Gozo is another story.

  6. And here’s the whole book spoiled and definitely improved, when you’re ready:


    Since you mentioned The Crying Game, here’s a bunch of photoshopped movie poster-spoilers, that one is not too far down and the rest are hilarious (and vulgar, it’s fark):


    [fark.com photoshop contests are full of inside jokes and crudeness, but still among the higher quality features on the internet]

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