Speaking of Emergency Rooms…

Julie’s been sick all week with the flu and stomach problems (hence the recent purchase of knockoff Jello). She hasn’t been able to keep much food or fluids in her, so we upgraded her treatment from Nurse Barefoot to Gozo General Hospital (after a diagnosis at a local clinic).

Having recently seen Sicko and listened to that CBC podcast, I was curious to see how the Maltese medical system measured up.

The level of care she received was pretty fantastic. Within four hours this morning, she’d been seen by the doctor at the medical clinic, an emergency room physician and two specialists. We waited about forty minutes at the clinic and less than ten in the Emergency waiting room.

She’s now ensconced in a private room (which she got without asking or consulting an insuring bodies), surrounded by religious iconography (it is Malta, after all). There’s a crucifix on the wall, a window sticker of the Virgin Mary, a cheesy framed picture of that Footprints verse and, for good measure, a medal at the head of her bed featuring yes, the Virgin Mary.

Julie’s on an IV drip and some antibiotics, and should be right as rain in a couple of days. In the meantime, blogging will be light around here as I catch up from nursing duties and hold down the Capulet fort.


  1. Poor Julie, that sounds awful. Maybe you could steal the iconography so she doesn’t have to look at it…

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