What Jeff Killed

I did a lot of housework this weekend, and thus caught up on a bunch of podcasts. I’m quite enjoying the CBC’s cultural magazine show, Q. They have this weekly web correspondent who reports on fun stuff from the Web. I’d heard of everything else he talked about with the exception of What Jeff Killed was new to me.

Welcome to What Jeff Killed, your authoritative source for news and information about Jeff The Giant Orange Cat and his favorite pastime: killing things.

DISCLAIMER: This Web site contains disgusting/disturbing images, has no value whatsoever, and due to its content should not be viewed by anyone. Read the full disclaimer.

Yeah, Jeff kills some big things. Some of those photos are particularly visceral.

I don’t think that web guy has his schtick quite sorted out. He sang the praises of Battle at Kruger, and even mentioned the 6.7 million people who’d seen it. He also mentioned ye olde Dramatic Chipmunk. Isn’t his job to find stuff on the web that people haven’t seen?

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