Dueling Shows as Clever Marketing at The Winnipeg Fringe

Jason Neufeld and Alix Sobler have a clever idea for a pair of Fringe shows. They’ve been together as a couple on the Fringe circuit for five years, but this year they allegedly broke up.

They’ve written two hilariously named shows about their relationship: “Alex Sobler Slept With My Brother” and “Jason Neufeld is Impotent”. From the latter site:

Hi. My name is Alix Sobler. For almost 5 years I dated the most selfish, laziest, unromantic jerk in the world, and now its pay back time. So maybe he is extremely good looking and insanely smart. So what? Just because he always did the dishes and never stayed out late and forgot to call, am I supposed to just stay with him the rest of my life?

It’s a great approach, and (I think) quite original. There’s all sorts of cross-promotional opportunities–apparently they’re going to picket each other’s show.

The only risk? What if one show is great and the other is awful?

I heard these folks interviewed, as below, on the CBC’s Q.

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