Survey: Interested in a BarCamp Malta?

Azure Window and Blue HoleBecause I have an unhealthy need to make order from chaos wherever I go, my Maltese colleague Alex and I are kicking around running a BarCamp Malta some time in the next few months. The BarCamp wiki seems to be down, so here’s the Wikipedia entry.

Frankly, we’re not sure how much interest we’ll be able to draw, both from Malta and the surrounding region. So, we created a quick and dirty six-question survey. If you’re a Maltese blogger or geek, or one who might consider coming to Malta from elsewhere, please take 36 seconds and complete our survey.

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  1. Hey Darren,

    I submitted my survey a couple of minutes ago. Just to let you know, if you need any help putting up this barcamp let me know. I would help anyway I can, unfortunately i’m a little low on finances/have to use public transport to move around since i’m still young/student.

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