I Approve of This Olympic Logo

It’s pretty easy to make fun of Olympic logos–they’re mostly really awful. London’s logo has been crassly but accurately compared to Lisa Simpson performing fellatio.

In today’s paper, I read that Japan had announced its logo for its 2016 bid. I quite like it, as these things go:


My immediate, stereotype-rich impressions: it speaks to me of kimono sashes, reeds, race tracks, tidiness and order. You could do much, much worse.

I’ve written previously about another aspect of Olympics branding: mascots. Why do you they never have thumbs?


  1. “Why do you they never have thumbs?”

    Why do you no speak the English good?

    …And, by the way, thanks so much to the Lisa Simpson reference. There goes my breakfast.

  2. Well, because they’re Japanese, obviously. Heh, I have fixed my latest (diction? grammar? mental?) gaffe.

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